A New Brand Brings Our Future to the Forefront

There’s something different here at APP lately. For a while, it was something you couldn’t put your finger on—it was an intangible thing, but you could see it in the way we’re all committed to delivering the very best experience to our customers. You could feel (we hope!) it in the way we work with you to not just overcome today’s problems, but get started on tomorrow’s, as well.

APP is changing. No, we’re not changing our commitment to service or our delivery of top-of-the-line piping products. What’s changing is our attitude toward our future. We’re seeing more possibilities than ever—possibilities and opportunities to improve our business, and our clients’ businesses.

We’re moving our beliefs and goals into the forefront with a new brand. Our new logo can be seen as a frame, the letters appearing over a background of bright, shifting colors—reminding us that things change all the time, and that we have to grab opportunities and make the most of them. We’ve updated our fonts for a more modern, sleek look to go with our new logo. Our updated web site is live, and you’ll be seeing updated data sheets and collateral from us in this new brand—we hope it makes finding what you need even easier.

But these are the visual aspects of our brand. What they really stand for is our beliefs and behaviors. Everyone at APP is behind this brand, and its real meaning—that we’re here to challenge ourselves. To maximize our positive impact on the world. To believe we can make more possible, and then to go forth and do it. To work with our clients to build lasting relationships and inspire innovation. 

We’ve always worked to deliver the industry’s best-quality piping products. That hasn’t changed. Today, we’re adding another layer to that goal—to use those products, our expertise, and proactive, productive relationships to help you change your business’s possibilities into new realities.

Get more than just the best-quality piping products in the industry. Get the most energetic, involved, and user-friendly team. Get proactive, flexible solutions that help you move ahead with confidence. Get a partnership that brings peace of mind, short-term results, and long-term advantages.