APP Epoxy System Information Sheet

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Epoxy Adhesive (EX-100)

The Epoxy Adhesive is a flexible, two-part, epoxy with high
overlap shear strength. It was developed for aerospace
applications and is specifically formulated to bond lightweight
composites to metallic materials. It does not become
crystalline, is resistant to chemicals, shocks and extreme
temperatures. It is certified for industrial, aircraft and
aerospace applications and meets ASTM E8 specification.

Static Mixer (EX-200)

The Static Mixers are high quality devices used to ensure
optimum performance of two-component adhesives by
dividing and recombining the materials into a homogeneous
stream. Our disposable spiral static mixer is used in conjunction
with our epoxy adhesive to ensure that the two parts are mixed
thoroughly enough for the base and accelerator to fully react
to ensure maximum adhesion.

Dual Componet Applicator (EX-500)

The Dual Component Applicator is a robust, metallic
applicator that allows for epoxy to be dispensed easily
and reliably at a constant ratio. The applicator removes
issues with human error and cleanliness and will allow for
a consistent installation every time. It can be reused over
and over again and will fit most two-part 6oz adhesive
cartridges. We recommend purchasing enough for each
person doing installations to have a dedicated applicator.

Updated on December 29, 2017

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