Wear Pad Differences

Not all wear pads are created equal. What are the differences and how can you tell? We look at what sets our composite pipe supports apart from the competition.

Think all wear pads and pipe supports are the same? Not so quick. Other companies sell imitations, which are really just cut up sections of FRP pipe and these products are not effective in preventing pipe corrosion. Curious what sets the APP ProTek composite wear pads apart from the others? Keep on reading to find out.


Image A
ProTek Wear Pad on a standard steel pipe


Image B
Competitors’ wear pads

Precise Fit

APP ProTek Wear Pads are engineered to the precise outer diameter of standard steel pipe. In image A, you can see the snug fit between our wear pads and a standard steel pipe. When used with our epoxy, this close fit prevents moisture and debris from building up between the pipe and the pad, which in turn prevents pipe corrosion. In image B, you’ll see how a section of FRP pipe does not fit snuggly to the pipe like a ProTek Wear Pad does. These large gaps leave room for moisture and debris to accumulate, exacerbating corrosion.

Rough ‘Em Up

The inside surface of APP ProTek Wear Pads are properly roughened for optimal epoxy adhesion. If not roughened, the epoxy will not stick to the wear pad. Image C compares a roughened wear pad to a slick, smooth one:


Image C
A roughened wear pad, left, provides optimal epoxy adhesion.

Now you know – not all wear pads are created equally. When purchasing, you’ve got to make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. If you buy from APP, you’ll get a dependable wear pad each and every time. Learn more about APP ProTek Wear Pads!

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Updated on January 1, 2018

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