FAQ: What is your standard ProTek Composite Wear Pad size?

Our ProTek Composite Wear Pad dimensions are available in the same dimensions used for metallic wear pads. This allows our composite wear pads to be a direct replacement on specifications and requires only minimal change to existing pipe system designs. Most ProTek Composite Wear Pads are:

Thickness: 1/4”, which requires only minimal changes to the BOP (Bottom of Pipe) dimension
Length: 12” or 14” long to allow for ease of installation and protection during expansion and contraction

While the standard degrees of coverage were designed for pipe resting on an I-beam, actual degrees of coverage vary based on pipe size and application. However, the interaction between the pipe and I-beam is only a few degrees, and our standard is based on pipe size in order to cut down on material cost and help keep prices low.

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Updated on January 16, 2018

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