FAQ: How strong is your wear pad system?

One of our clients approached us with issues encountered on a 36” line filled with crude that was sitting on a metal beam. They wanted to know if our composite material would be able to handle this load. They asked us to perform a compressive test to prove it could handle 26,000 pounds. We tested our standard (1/4” thick, 30 degree coverage, 12” long) wear pad on a 10” diameter 1” thick pipe. We had to stop the test at 54,000 pounds when the massive pipe began to ovalize. However, the wear pad remained intact! Because our composite material is flexible and not brittle, the point of contact with the steel grew as the pipe ovalized. Thus, as the pipe ovalized, the increased footprint of our wear pad allowed for even greater support.

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Updated on January 16, 2018

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