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  • FAQ: Can APP fabricate custom metallic pipe supports?

    Yes, we can fabricate metallic pipe supports to fit your application. We can make supports for carbon steel, hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel and special alloys. Related Product(s): Metal Pipe Supports

  • FAQ: Which applications and industries have used APP products?

    Our products have been used in just about every industrial application. Quite simply, with millions of our composite pipe supports in service, APP wear pads and pipe shoes have been used in every place within a piping system where a pipe intersects metal. We have an extensive list of clients…

  • FAQ: Where is Advanced Piping Products located?

    APP is centrally located just outside Houston’s 610 Loop, northwest of downtown, near the meeting of 290 and Beltway 8. We are in close proximity to many of the super majors’ headquarters, the world’s top engineering firms and within minutes of Houston’s energy corridor. Related Media: View our location on…

  • FAQ: Are your composite pipe supports UV resistant?

    Yes, all of our composite materials are UV resistant. Much like refiners use additives in gasoline to improve its performance, we add UV inhibitors to our resin mix during manufacturing which are then equally distributed throughout our composite material. This ensures that the UV protection is consistent throughout our products.

  • FAQ: Which products do you keep in stock?

    We carry our ProTek Wear Pads, ProTek Pipe Shoes and ProTek U-Bolt for standard pipe sizes. We also inventory metallic hardware for pipe support applications. Related Product(s): ProTek Composite Wear Pads, ProTek Composite Pipe Shoes, ProTek U-Bolts

  • FAQ: Which composite wear pads do you stock?

    Our goal is to make sure we can meet the demanding delivery times necessary to execute big and small projects in your industry. We keep 200-500 of each standard ProTek Composite Wear Pad size in-stock at all times so that we can help you get a major project started or…

  • FAQ: What is your standard ProTek Composite Wear Pad size?

    Our ProTek Composite Wear Pad dimensions are available in the same dimensions used for metallic wear pads. This allows our composite wear pads to be a direct replacement on specifications and requires only minimal change to existing pipe system designs. Most ProTek Composite Wear Pads are: Thickness: 1/4”, which requires…

  • FAQ: How strong is your wear pad system?

    One of our clients approached us with issues encountered on a 36” line filled with crude that was sitting on a metal beam. They wanted to know if our composite material would be able to handle this load. They asked us to perform a compressive test to prove it could…