APP ProTek Composite Wear Pad Installation Instructions

Download full instruction sheet PDF: APP ProTek Composite Wear Pad Installation

Pipe Preparation

1. Emery Cloth: Clean pipe to remove all loose scale, paint, and debris. Abrade new painted surface with emery cloth (or equivalent) to remove sheen.

2. Solvent: Solvent wipe area with CRC QDTM Electronic Contact Cleaner (or equivalent) to remove any contamination and ensure the area is dry.

ProTek Wear Pad Preparation

3. Peel Ply: Peel off and remove the plastic protective surface from the inner surface of the wear pad.

4. Solvent: Solvent wipe inside area of the wear pad

5. Perimeter: Apply a continuous bead of epoxy to the perimeter of the wear pad

6. Interior: Apply a random‐shaped bead of epoxy to the interior

Installing ProTek Wear Pad on Pipe

7. Combine: Firmly press the ProTek Wear Pad into place and slightly rotate to evenly spread the epoxy


Updated on December 29, 2017

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