APP ProTek Flat Plate Installation Instructions

Download full instruction sheet PDF: APP ProTek Flat Plate Installation

Metal Support Beam Preparation

1. Emery Cloth: Clean steel surface to remove all loose scale, paint, and debris. Abrade new painted surface with emery cloth or equivalent to remove sheen.

2. Solvent: Solvent wipe area with CRC QDTM Electronic Contact Cleaner, or equivalent, to remove any contamination and ensure the area is dry.

ProTek Flat Plate Preparation

3. Solvent: Solvent wipe the rough side of the ProTek Flat Plate.

4. Perimeter: Apply a continuous bead of APP Epoxy to the perimeter of the rough side of the ProTek Flat Plate.

5. Interior: Apply a random shaped bead of APP Epoxy to the interior area of the rough side of the flat plate.

Installing ProTek Flat Plate on Metal Support

6. Combine: Firmly press the ProTek Flat Plate into place and slightly rotate to evenly spread the APP Epoxy.

7. Restraint: Apply continuous pressure to the ProTek Flat Plate by using Electrical Tie Wraps. Duct tape also works well for this purpose.

8. Seal: With the ProTek Flat Plate held in place, apply an epoxy seal around the entire outer edge of the flat place to ensure that no moisture can penetrate between the flat plate and the support beam.

9. Removal: Allow 4 to 6 hours (depending on ambient temperature) for the APP Epoxy to harden and then remove the restraints.

Updated on December 29, 2017

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